Fēnix 3 HR – Find My Phone Stops Working

This past week, my Fēnix 3 HR started to intermittently freak out and prompt to be re-paired with my Android phone. Additionally, “Find My Phone” stopped working: the watch would go through the motions but the phone would never ring or light-up. Finally, Garmin Connect on the phone would sync steps from the watch, but step counts would always be low, as though the phone was pulling the total step count from several minutes or even hours previous to the sync (my guess is that the watch was having trouble writing steps to the log file).

Toggling Bluetooth on the handset had no impact on the problem, and neither did rebooting the phone.

Finally, this morning, I did a soft reset on the watch – and all of the problems I describe above have disappeared.

Seeing the same symptoms? Perform a power cycle by doing the following:

1) Hold the Light button until the watch powers off.

2) Hold the Light button until the watch powers on.

That’s it!