Custom Crop Ratios in PaintShop Pro

So you want to crop at a non-standard ratio, like the “rarely” used or printed 11″ x 14″ proportion in PaintShop Pro?   (Really, Corel?  11×14 isn’t a preset??  Really???)  And you’ve searched in your favorite  engine for “-photoshop Paintshop Pro 11 x 14 custom crop” and you’re getting absolutely zero hits?   And you’ve read the documentation, which doesn’t mention anything about how to set a custom crop in inches?  And you’ve played with the print size only to discover that all it’s doing is exactly what the setting name sounds like (it sets a print area and size, which is NOT the same as cropping)?  And thinking that if you change the image’s resolution the print size setting in the crop tool might still do what you want, you’ve changed the resolution from 72 to something like 150 or 300 – only to discover that changing the resolution actually resizes the image and makes the situation worse??  And you don’t want to pay Corel $30 for “support” to get the solution??

Bearing in mind that I’m running PaintShop Pro X7 Ultimate (your interface and options may differ), you’ve landed at the right place; the answer is below!

  1. Click the Crop Tool button, which is probably in the left tool panel on your screen.
  2. Make sure Maintain aspect ratio is not checked.
  3. Set your pixel dimensions to 1100 and 1400 or 1400 and 1100, depending upon the direction (horizontal or vertical) you want to crop.  Somewhat unintuitively, this sets the correct ratio without impacting the final image size (</sarcasm on> thanks Corel for the fantastic documentation</sarcasm off>).
  4. Make sure Maintain aspect ratio is checked.
  5. Drag your corners to where you want them and then click the checkmark (you can see the checkmark in Step 3 above).
  6. Make whatever other edits you need and then export or save the image; the output will be at whatever actual size the cropped area occupies at the correct 11×14 ratio (e.g., if you crop a  3648 x 5472 image to the maximum width, you’ll get a 3648 x 4639 image as your final output).