A Follow-up on the Canon 80D

I previously wrote about my initial impressions of the Canon 80D, which had just been brought to market when I wrote that article.  This article is a quick follow-up on that original post.

First, I’ve been regularly checking the Yongnuo web site for a firmware update for my wireless flash controller.  At some point in the last 3 days (it’s Aug 28 as I write this), they posted the 1.10 update (the previous version was 1.08).  [Side note to self:  Write a script to watch the page for changes rather than manually checking.  Duh.]  This patch is interesting for a number of reasons:

    • The change log contains an entry for 1.09.  This update was apparently released on 2016/04/18 (just 2 weeks after my prior post) and never made it to the Yongnuo public web site.

    • The change log dates the 1.10 update at 2016/07/11, but it didn’t make to the web site until this week, well over a month after the fact.

  • Neither of the 1.09 / 1.10 log entries mention added compatibility with the 80D (or the 1D x II, for that matter).

I installed the update – and the transceiver (as I expected) still isn’t compatible with the 80D.  /sigh

Next, software is still a bit of a challenge for this newer camera.  Mentioned specifically in my previous post, both DxO Optics Pro and PhaseOne’s CaptureOne have updated and now happily open the 80D’s RAW files – but I’m seeing some weird color issues with CaptureOne and haven’t take the time yet to determine whether the problem is a software bug, an issue with my laptop, or a problem with the software’s RAW support.

LR5 and ACR, though both opened these RAWs from the start, have been officially updated to support the new RAW format.

On1’s Photo 10 suite still won’t correctly render the colors in the 80D’s RAW files, and support for the new format still hasn’t been added.  Moreover, according to their FAQ, support will likely still be missing in the imminent release of their new Photo RAW suite (it supercedes the Photo 10.5 suite and aims to compete directly with CaptureOne and Lightroom).

Finally, support for the new RAW format continues to remain absent from PhaseOne’s recently re-engineered, re-released, and far-more-reasonably priced Media Pro (now Media Pro SE).

In short, we’re about 7 months post-release and we’re still waiting for mainstream support…