At the Spammers and the Phishers:

Your backscatter campaigns won’t generally work here; for most non-deliverable mail sent to this domain I do not generate NDRs.

I don’t understand your circumstances or what drove you to the dark side, but please understand that I’m just a guy trying to provide mail and web services to a handful of friends and family. I haven’t done anything to you and hold no animosity towards you.

Please leave me and my servers alone.

At the Spam Recipients:

If you arrived here because you received spam which appears to have originated from, I strongly encourage you to closely inspect the headers; unless my server has been hacked, the message that has your hackles raised absolutely positively did not come from my network – and the headers should bear that out pretty quickly.

In the 15 years that I have owned this domain, I have never knowingly originated or passed spam and nobody has been able to successfully prove that any given piece of unsolicited email actually came from or through my server. I do not spam, I do not condone the use of spam as a marketing tool (legit* or otherwise), and I absolutely do not condone the use of email for illegal activity. If you really think that you have received spam which originated from my network, please use my contact form to send me the message headers.



* I do believe that double-opt-in marketing messages are fine and dandy, because if you elected – twice – to get those marketing messages, then they’re not unsolicited and they’re not spam.

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