NVIDIA Shield K1, Google Play Store, and Swype

Based on numerous good reviews, I ordered a K1 for my mom for Christmas.  It arrived this week with Lollipop 5.1.1 installed, and it was beautiful.

However, its beauty was soon marred by rather serious problems interacting with the Play Store. Searches would hang the whole system after entering the second letter in a search term. Manual updates would likewise hang the entire system. Auto-updates would never install.

After ~90 minutes of testing and troubleshooting, I have confirmed that the issue is Swype being set as the active keyboard while interacting with the Play Store. The work-arounds are to either not use Swype or to make sure that it’s not the active keyboard when performing Play searches or trying to apply updates.

I do not see this issue on my Galaxy Note 5 nor on my wife’s Nexus; the problem appears to be specific to the K1.

I’ve posted about this issue at Android Central, submitted a support ticket to NVIDIA, and posted to the Swype forums, and I will update this post with any new information as it comes my way.

Problems like this can be very hard to root-cause analyze, and the tendency for companies like those involved here – Nuance, Google,  and NVIDIA – is to point fingers at one another rather than try to find a solution.  I am not hopeful for an official fix anytime soon.

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