MaxL Error 1242021

I ran into a MaxL syntax error this past Friday while running a batch of reports (exports):

[Fri May 30 15:38:42 2014]blahblahblah///Error(1242021)
(1) Syntax error near [blahblah]

The problematic exports all looked like this, where the different rule files all had names comprised of alpha-numeric strings:

export database MyApp.MyDB
using server report_file “123456Rpt”
to data_file ‘\\\\netpath\\path\\123456Rpt.rpt’;

Some testing this morning reveals that MaxL struggles with leading numbers in file names.  In my case, if the report rule had been named Rpt123456  instead of 123456Rpt, things would have been fine.

2 fixes appear to work:

  • rename the rule file as I describe above OR
  • quote the file name; e.g., use “123456Rpt” in your syntax rather than 123456Rpt (without the quotes).

Hope that helps!

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