ERROR – 1090010

In doing a data load in Essbase late last week, I encountered:

Error in File [\\path\file.xls] Which is a [Excel 5.0] Spreadsheet
Reading Rule SQL Information For Database [Cube1]
Reading Rules From Rule Object For Database [Cube1]
Parallel dataload enabled: [1] block prepare threads, [1] block write threads.
Data Load Elapsed Time with [Sundry.rul] : [1.09] seconds
Database import completed [‘App1’.’Cube1′]
Output columns prepared: [0]

In spite of the error, as far as we can tell, it actually loads the data into the cube; it’s certainly doing a partial load as confirmed by both the log and manual inspection of the data by way of SmartView.

A Google search turned up very few hits, and none of the results actually addressed my situation. It’s my hope that this post will save you some frustration…

In playing with the data set, I can now say with 100% confidence that the issue is with the file itself, and not the data set. That is, the error message appears to be non-ambiguous.

This problematic file happens to contain March data; the February file loads without issue. To work around the error, I

  • backed-up both files (Feb and Mar)
  • deleted all the data from the Feb file
  • copied all the data from the Mar file
  • pasted all the Mar data into the Feb file
  • saved the Feb file
  • loaded the Feb file
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