HowTo Delete SNote Content from Samsung’s Backup / Sync Servers

As of this writing, Samsung doesn’t provide a centralized backup content management interface for users (at least, not publicly and not that I can find) and I’ve had 2 support reps tell me that the only way to delete backup/sync content from their servers is to delete such content from your device and then to let that delete action sync back to their servers.  I highly doubt that this is the only way to delete such content from their servers, but some testing on my part seems to support that the strategy works.

Samsung apparently flags sync data with a unique device identifier.  To delete sync’d content from Samsung’s servers, you must have access to the device where the content in question was created.  Note that if said device has been sold, lost, stolen, or broken, these steps may be difficult or impossible to execute; in such a case, and unless you have an inside track with the company, Samsung probably has your notes in their possession forever.

This procedure will delete the memo(s) in question from both your device and from Samsung’s servers.  As with all storage media, these files could probably be recovered using file system tools, but it’s best to assume that anything you delete is gone forever. Take a backup of your SNote directory before following this procedure!!

1.    Make sure that you have SNote sync disabled on all of the devices where you have a Samsung account configured and where SNote sync might occur.  This would logically include any Samsung-branded Windows 8 touchscreen systems you might use, but I don’t know that for sure (I can only speak to Android devices).

a.  Navigate to Settings, Accounts.  How you do this will vary according to your device and Android version.  I own a Note 10.1 running Android 4.1, a Note 2 running Android 4.3, a Note 3 running Android 4.4, and a Note Pro 12.2 running Android 4.4 – and the steps to get to Accounts is different on all 4 devices (even on the 2 devices running KitKat)!
b.  Tap on Samsung account and then tap on your Samsung account (it should look like an e-mail address).
c.  Clear the checkbox on Sync S Note (and unless you trust Samsung with your data, clear the other checkmarks while you’re there).
d.  Repeat 1a through 1c for each device where you have a configured Samsung account and the potential for sync against Samsung’s servers (for me, that’s 4 devices).


2.    Go to the device where the SNote memo(s) in question were created.  Although you can edit such content from other devices, you cannot delete (a) memo(s) created on other devices.

3.    On that device, repeat Step 1a through 1c but this time through make sure that the box for Sync S Note is checked (sync is turned on).  A sync should be immediately triggered; wait for it to complete before proceeding.

4.    Hit the back button to return to Samsung account and then tap Storage usage.

5.    Tap Memo, S Memo, S Note(.snb).  Especially if you’ve been sync’ing notes to and from multiple devices, you’ll probably be presented with a warning that reads, “Data created on other devices may not be deleted”. Clear the warning by tapping OK; SNote should open.

6.    On a folder or memo you wish to delete from Samsung’s sync server, tap and hold until the context menu is presented and then tap Delete.  Confirm the deletion in the pop-up.

7.    Repeat Step 6 until all items you wish to remove have been deleted.

8.    Hit the back button to return to Storage usage, hit the back button to return to Samsung account, and tap Sync all.  Wait until the sync is completed.

9.    Repeat Steps 1a through 1c to disable SNote sync on this device.

10.    Repeat Steps 2 through 9 on any other devices where content was created which you wish to remove.

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